A selection of continuity errors and goofs from the series
A swift change of sweater in Day of Execution

The photograph handed to McGill is different to the one we see him holding in Sweet Sue

McGill driving two different jeeps during the same scene in Friend of Mine

In the final scene of the episode Brainwash you can see the Policeman hiding behind a parked car waiting for his cue (Blu-ray edition and spotted by Geoff Dodds)

The Sitting Pigeon

When McGill is picked up by the police their squad cars registration is 649CLC. When they reach the station it has changed to XYU464

When they arrive at the station a double is used for McGill mounting the steps

Day of Execution

A postcard is delivered to McGill at Flat 7 Kingston Court yet earlier on his address was noted as  56 Clive Mansions. The next time we see the card it is plain - the text has disappeared.

When McGill drops his girlfriend Moira off at her flat there is a red telephone box beside the car but when he drives off if is no longer there.

McGill chases after the mobile cleaner to return a suit. He's wearing a dark blue polo neck sweater. When he reaches him it has changed colour to light brown

Willard has a half cup of Coffee, cut to close up and the cup is empty, back to medium shot and its half full again.

Jack Cooper, Bradford's double in this episode, also plays one of the would be assassins in the final scene.

Variation on a Million Bucks parts 1 & 2

At the end of Variation part one McGill shoots off his gun but no smoke is seen coming from the pistols barrel. They recap the scene for Variation part two and this time smoke is clearly seen.

Max Steins small revolver changes colour from black to gold.

Sweet Sue

Mr Mandel picks up a photograph of his wayward daughter Sue to show McGill. The picture shows a young girl but it is not Judy Geeson (Sue) When McGill takes the photograph we then see that its a different image - a close up of Geeson.

The Girl Who Never Was

A stand in is used for McGill when we see him getting out of the taxi and heading towards his hotel.

All that Glitters

When McGill arrives at the village his car number plate reads CMT444A, later on it has changed to ADD904C

The Bridge

The guy jumping into the Thames to save Tim is a stand in/stuntman not McGill

Dead Man's Shoes

When the vicar gets rno over by a motorcyclist its on a dirt track type road yet when the bike drives off he's lying in a different position on a black tarmac road.

As McGill and the vicar approach the dovecot the vicar is wearing a hat, when they reach their destination the hat is gone.

Two bullet holes are clearly seen on the doorframe of the dovecot, when the bad guys charge in after McGill the holes have disappeared.

Why they killed Nolan

 Nolan and his wife inform McGill that no-one knows where they are, yet when Nolan gets killed the Police ring up Mrs Nolan at the 'hide out'.

When Mr Arnoldson visits his mistress he parks his car on the right hand side of the road opposite McGill's waiting Taxi. When he returns to leave his car is parked on the left hand side of the road next to McGill's 

The Boston Square

When Dalby and Packard are on the boat we hear Dalby say the line, "Another two weeks like this and I'll go out of my mind". The exact same scene/line is then re-edited into the episode a minute or so on.

Curious how much time delay there was between the two golf shots. First scene it looks very early morning with a dampness in the air, then after Mac's shot we see that the actors have shadows caused by the sun.

 The wardrobe department must have been on a tight budget because Dalby, Packard and Rudnik wear the same shirts throughout, and we are aware that at least two - three days have gone by.

When Dalby and Packard's boat is rushing towards the harbour there are no buoys attached to the side, but when they land there are two.
The guy who goes to snoop around the boat is a McGill stand in. It's dark when this scene is shot yet when the fight with the heavy concludes it's light again, although only minutes have gone by.
When Packard burns the papers there is no smoke, for all the cabin is contained and no windows/port holes are seen to be open.
When Mac has the fight by the water his shirt has been lifted showing his bare back, when the stunt double takes over and hits the water its neatly tucked in again.

When Mac borrows one of Dalby's shirts its baggy on him yet Dalby is a much slighter man than Mac so you'd expect a tight fit.

McGIll follows Rudnik to the airport and while sat in the back of a taxi, the stewardess approaches and says, "You were asking about the charter plane? It's a private flight". We then see Rudnik take off in a helicopter not a plane.

Somebody loses Somebody Wins

Towards the end of the episode when McGill is being chased by the East German Police, he is driving a Moskvitch. As he jumps clear of it, and it bursts into flames, what is burning is the shell of a Ford Prefect.

The Whisper

Alfred Porter calls McGill by name when they end their conversation, although they've never been introduced.

While scouting information on Father Loyola, McGill shows a photograph of him to Spencer but the guy on the picture isn't Blakely.

Jigsaw Man

Before the opening credits role we see Silvio in an artist studio encouraging a young woman to paint, hoods enter but he manages to fight them off as he makes his escape he's wearing a white shirt, cut to him out in the street and he's suddenly acquired a brown jacket, cut to girl waving her farewell to him and he's back in his white shirt again! Incidentally they use the same 'escape' sequence for Silvio's final exit in the episode.

After the opening credits we see McGill in his apartment wearing a blue sweater, a few seconds into the scene there is a knock at his door, when he opens it he is dressed in a grey suit.

When Ugo's henchmen have fought with Silvio he's seen apparently dazed, McGill goes to administer some first aid, there's no sign of any cuts, bumps or bruises on Silvio's face yet McGill dabs his cheek. When he takes the handkerchief away the face is still blemish free, we then get a close up of Silvio and a wound has appeared! Then the bad guys kidnap Silvio directly after the fight and the cheek wound has miraculously disappeared!

When McGill and Silvio are seen leaving the Police Station it is a'double' not Richard Bradford.

In the scene where McGill makes a hasty exit from his girlfriend's place the door is seen to be closed behind him yet when she turns to continue the discussion and sees he's disappeared the door is open

Which Way did he Go, McGill?

McGill in pursuit of Fulton, had to kick through a door in order to open it and we see the bottom left hand panel knocked out. Next scene it is the top left hand panel beside the door handle that's gone.

Eddy states the robbery took place 5 years ago, ditto the insurance co. rep. In the newspaper we see on screen its reported as 4 years ago.

The Revolutionaries

When McGill hijacks an Ambulance, we see him from a distance getting out of the vehicle and running to open the rear doors. He has long white sleeves, yet a close up shows he is clearly attired in a short sleeved shirt.

Three Blinks of the Eye

When Janine is chatting to McGill at the nightclub she is wearing large earrings, as they leave  she no longer has them, they reach her apartment and the earrings are back.

The guy entering the Hotel Gabbia is not Richard Bradford, but a stand in.


In the final scene McGill is seen without a cigarette, yet when he turns to close the door after the Police leave he has a half smoked one in his mouth.

Castle in the Clouds

McGill strikes up a conversation with Magda in a nightclub, but doesn't introduce himself. When she leaves she says, "Goodbye Mac".

Night Flight to Andorra

While McGill is radioing his employer, we see a dapple-grey horse in the background, seconds later the horse is dark brown.

When McGill and Rafael are examining the fuse boxes you can see the sound microphone above them.

When McGill tackles Buck, the sign on the passenger door reads Electricas Espano. But earlier on when arriving at the villa, it reads Electricas Espanolas!