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Man in a Suitcase was filmed in and around Pinewood Studios (Sound Stages J and K) and on location in England during 1966/7. A rough and tough adventure series which thanks to the capability of the leading player Texan method actor Richard Bradford, continues  to enthral and entertain audiences today.

McGill is a no nonsense hero, an ex CIA Agent unjustly accused of treason by his own people. Subsequently he's compelled to make his living in the harsh and sometimes terrifying world of a modern day bounty hunter.

The series sold worldwide. In Germany it's known as "Der Mann Mit Dem Koffer", in France - "L' Homme A La Valise" and in Spain - "El Hombre Del Maletin".

When the series aired in Germany, Richard Bradford's voice was dubbed by Michael Chevalier. He also dubbed for other American actors such as Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Burt Reynolds and Dan Blocker in the TV series 'Bonanza'. In France Bradford was dubbed b

Michel Gatineau. y Michel



UK - 27th September 1967

USA 3rd May 1968/10th May 1968

West Germany 6th December 1968

France 7th March 1970

Special thanks to the late Richard Bradford for his kindness in always supporting my site.

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                    Message from Richard Bradford to all fans of the 'Man in a Suitcase' series -









Richard Bradford is the only regular actor in the series, although some guest stars had more than one appearance - Donald Sutherland for example, also Colin Blakely, whom Richard greatly admired. Below are a few of the notable guest stars.






'BRAINWASH' - COLIN BLAKELY - He positively revels in torturing McGill. He plays the part of John, one of McGill's malicious captors. He also appeared in 'THE WHISPER', playing a Jesuit priest who is not all he seems to be. PATRICK ALLEN was in this episode as Marcus Spencer, the plantation owner who hires McGill when he becomes curious about Loyola's past.

'THE SITTING PIGEON' - GEORGE SEWELL - convincing as the cowardly crook Rufus Blake. McGill is hired by the police to protect him, even though he has no respect or liking for him.


'DAY OF EXECUTION' - DONALD SUTHERLAND - plays Willard, an old college friend of McGill's, who proves to be more of a hindrance than a help when McGill's life is threatened. Sutherland cropped up again for 'WHICH WAY DID HE GO, McGILL?' He played Earle, a recently released convict in search of past gang members and his share of the loot.

'SWEET SUE' - JUDY GEESON - plays Sue, a spoilt rich girl McGill has to try and convince is keeping the wrong kind of company. Richard said that working with Judy was like a breath of fresh air!


'VARIATION ON A MILLION BUCKS' - ANTON ROGERS - plays Max Stien, a friend of McGill's, who, before dying, tells him about a million bucks he has managed to hide in a safety deposit box,  which McGill goes in search of. This was the only two part episode in the series. It was syndicated to a feature length when shown in the States. They also gave it a new title, 'TO CHASE A MILLION BUCKS'. 




'BURDEN OF PROOF' - JOHN GREGSON - plays Henry Faversham, an English advisor in a Central American Republic. He hires McGill to bug and film his apartment.

'BLINDSPOT'- FELICITY KENDAL - as the innocent blind girl Marcelle, who hires McGill to try and recover some precious jewels, but McGill gets more than he bargains for when this assignment uncovers a drug ring.

'ESSAY IN EVIL' - DONALD HOUSTON - plays George Masters a blackmailing businessman, he hires McGill to watch three of his victims he has become suspicious of. PETER VAUGHAN also featured in this as Felix De Burgh. He works under the guise of being blackmailed when in reality he plans to take over the racket for himself, as well as wanting Masters' wife.

'CASTLE IN THE CLOUDS' - EDWARD FOX - as Jim Ezard, a penniless playboy McGill encounters while trying to retrieve a diamond brooch from his employers mistress.